Cut, Buff, Polish and Wax

 Buffing a car is a process that  removes a small layer of clear coat from a vehicle finish, exposing a fresher layer of clear coat underneath. This process restores the car's original luster and will improve the car's overall appearance. If little nicks and scratches are ignored, rust can form and this will lessen the vehicle's beauty and reduce the car's value. By polishing, buffing, waxing and sealing with most advanced non silicone polyurethane system , the car will be more aesthetically pleasing, and will maintain its finish longer.

Stage 1 Cut

Wet sanding or cutting is process of “shaving" a tiny layer of clear coat off the paint surface to level out deep scratches and remove orange peel.  Using Fine grid sand paper, to give the clear coat smooth flat  mirror-like finish.

Most factory paint jobs have some degree of orange peel, as well as many refinish paint jobs. Today’s new water-born paint, what every car factory using, seams to live larger “orange peel” in the paint.

Wet sanding, followed by compounding and polishing is the only way to get rid of “orange peel”, to create that absolutely perfect finish.

Stage 2 Buffing

3M Perfect-it II rubbing compound
3M Machine polish

3M Finishing polish

Makita  Polisher
3M Superbuff wool pad

3M Buffing Pad
Perfect-It Plus Foam Polishing Pad

Stage 3 Wax

Waxing or Glazing a car provides final touch to your vehicle, Seals the surface of a clear coat to achieve wet like finish. Waxing or glazing should be done often to protect your paint from oxidation and waterspotting. We use only the top of the line Pruducts.

Stage 4 Sealing

Final seal we use Most advanced non silicone Patent formula.

Provides extra UV protection long lasting wet like shine and removes

permenantly Scratches, scuffs, swirls marks and sandblasting.

This is hand applyed by certified trainned professional. Unlike most waxes it does not wash off and if cared for lasts years. Instantly adds up to 10% of resale value of your vehicle.

Guaranteed not to delaminate, fade, peel, crack or flake off.